Mar 2021: Shrink by Sarah Katerina Smith (Zoom)
Feb 2021: Andy Warhol’s Tomato by Vince Melocchi
Aug 2020: Red by John Logan
May 2019: Husband Swap, or Swap Meats, translated by Jody Enders
Mar 2019: Fefu and Her Friends by María Irene Fornés (orchestra reading)
Jul 2018: The Care Giver by Stephanie Goldman (orchestra reading)
Jul 2018: Dirty Dirt by Nick McCord (orchestra reading)
Jul 2017: Curmudgeons & Dragons by Nick McCord (staged reading)
May 2017: Cooch E. Whippet, or The Farce of Martin of Cambray, translated by Jody Enders
Feb 2017: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler (V-Day 2017)
Jul 2016: Gulf Triangle by Kimberly Patterson (staged reading)
May 2016: Pillow Talk by Peter Tolan
Apr 2016: Walter Cronkite Is Dead by Joe Calarco
Jan 2016: Hijacked Lives by Donald Fidler
Nov 2015: Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner
Aug 2015: A Steady Rain by Keith Huff
Jul 2015: Miss Zelda by Koula Hartnett (staged reading)
May 2015: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs by Mike Daisey
Oct 2014: The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
Jul 2014: Red by John Logan (co-director) – Outstanding Production, West Virginia Theatre Association
Apr 2014: Copenhagen by Michael Frayn
Oct 2013: “Art” by Yazmina Reza – Outstanding Production, West Virginia Theatre Association
Jul 2013: Fully Committed by Becky Mode
Jun 2013: Say Hi to Mick Jagger by David Beach
Jun 2013: Souvenir by Glenn Clifton

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